Armchair Thinkers 38: J.J. Did It

Kyle is a pretty big Star Wars fan, and now so are a lot of folks. With over $1 billion in ticket sales, The Force Awakens is a certified juggernaut. Here for a spoiler-filled talk about the film are frequent guest Gus Townson and another friend named Kyle…who is also a huge Star Wars fan…it’s like poetry. Like it rhymes. Deviations occur to bash on the prequels and talk about upcoming movies.

So many spoilers. You better have seen the movie before monkeying around with this podcast.

Armchair Thinkers 37: Jake and the Fat Man

Kyle is joined by old friend and Portland area comedian Jake Hueni to do a post-mortem on Halloween, some classic and not-so-classic horror movies, propose a new kind of “fantasy sports” game without the sports, and plot a stand-up comedy blitzkrieg on an unsuspecting populace. This is concluded with a return to Creepslist.

Find Jake’s shows on his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter using @Jake_Hueni for funny times.

Armchair Thinkers 36: Case Files

In this episode, Kyle chats with comic book creator Jonathan Case about his recent book, The New Deal. Stick around after, because there’s some more local Creepslist nonsense performed for your mild discomfort.

Case has worked on such hit comics and graphic novels as The Green River Killer, Batman ’66, The Creep, Dear Creature, and The Guild. His latest solo project The New Deal, a 1930s romantic crime caper, is available everywhere possible on Oct. 6 from Dark Horse.

Armchair Thinkers 35: Solo and So Low

Kyle is riding solo this episode, because he has a few axes to grind. To start off, a bit of talk about Force Friday and The Force Awakens so far, followed by a rundown of the Rose City Comic Con that is coming up next week. After that is a prolonged discussion regarding Steven Spielberg’s comments about superhero movies and Zack Snyder using those comments to lob softball insults at Marvel. We finish up with more Creepslist fun including follow-ups to last episode’s massage escapades.

Armchair Thinkers 34: Creepslist

Kyle is joined by his lovely wife after a frightful amount of cajoling. First they give a review of both Ant-Man and their date night that allowed them to see it, and then the Martinaks take a trip into the heart of local digital bulletin boards by combing Craigslist for a look into the life of the mind. Sneek peek: amateur massages, leather catsuits, and divine quantum fractals are all found in Portland.

Also, go to to help a small and dedicated nonprofit set up some programs for folks with special needs. Because what were you going to do with that money? Buy Half-Life 3? I think not.

Armchair Thinkers 33: Mano A Marcano

Kyle is joined in the Armchair by Bio-Dome screenwriter, indie comic book creator, and all-around renaissance man Scott Marcano. Scott tells us about his San Diego Comic-Con, reminisces about Pauley Shore calling him in the middle of the night, and tells us all about his past and present projects. Check out all his stuff at and find him on twitter and facebook!

Armchair Thinkers 32: Con of Justice

After a few weeks off, Kyle returns with Gus Townson to talk about the bigger bits of San Diego Comic-Con and E3, as well as a brief rundown on Marvel’s Ant-Man. Meanwhile Kyle is asking the important questions, “Should an actor read ahead to see what happens to their character?” and “What are the odds that Will Smith’s Deadshot dies heroically in ‘Suicide Squad’?” There’s also a fond farewell to the gaming industry’s kind and kooky uncle.